Do real work, not busy calendaring

Schedule meetings, share times, and join calls from any page instead of jumping in and out of the calendar 20 times a day.

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Google Calendar is slow and clumsy. Motion is fast and helps you stay focused.

You should be focusing on real work, not jumping in and out of the calendar 20 times a day. Switching context like that snaps you out of focus. With one Motion shortcut, you can view your day or schedule an event right from any website such as LinkedIn or Gmail. Do deep work without interruptions, and get more done.

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“I’m moving a lot faster on tasks like scheduling. Motion does an amazing job at keeping me focused while working.”

Michael Seibel, CEO of Y Combinator

Join-call button right before a meeting. Don’t scramble to find that link.

You have lots of meetings every day. You constantly worry about missing a meeting so you check your calendar every few minutes. Motion pops up a one-click join-meeting button 15 seconds before every meeting. Never scramble to find that meeting link again.

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“I used to get so frustrated finding video links making me late. Now with Motion, whenever there is a meeting, I just click on the "Join Call"  browser notification and magically taken to the right video meeting on time”

Holly Liu, Founder of Kabam

Easily schedule across timezones.

Scheduling with people from other timezones? Never worry about timezone conversions again. Search timezones by city or country, and compare everyone’s times side by side.

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Fastest way to schedule events.

Our Chrome extension detects possible times to meet and highlights them. Simply click on a time and all event details will be pre-filled.

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"I have to create a lot of meetings from Gmail... Motion makes that so easy. It literally only takes one click and everything is already auto-filled"

Bart Decrem, Founder of Tap Tap Revenge

Intelligently generate available times to meet. Without oversharing.

Some parts of your day are more precious than others, so why offer all times as equals? Automatically generate a few time slots that are optimal for you, and paste them into your email thread. The nicely-formatted availabilities in text format look handwritten - the best kind for important guests like clients or investors.

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“I used to wrangle Calendly, Mixmax, and many more meeting management apps but ended up going manual all too often when the real world actually hit. Motion reduces that time from a few minutes to a few seconds.”

Shahrooz Chowdhury, CEO of Liven

Easily create personal booking links. Make your invitee feel like a VIP.

When someone clicks on your Calendly link in an email thread, they are taken to a booking page that asks for their name and email - as if they are some random person on the street. Motion automates scheduling in a personal way: the link url contains both your names, the booking page is clearly custom-made, and their personal info (e.g. email) are already auto-filled.

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"I love being able to easily personalize the booking page for every guest - I want my guest to know they are very important to me and I value their time."

Christopher Chae, Co-founder of Hyperinbox

Running late to your next meeting? Let guests know in one click.

You often need to email meeting guests - to remind them of an upcoming meeting, to let them know you’ll be late, or to send a thank-you note. Set up email templates that you can send to guests in one click without even visiting Gmail. The emails are guaranteed to land in the recipient’s primary inbox. Automate meeting emails that look personal.

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On a regular basis , I have back-to-back meetings and often I need to email next meeting’s guest that I’ll be a few minutes late. Motion lets me do that with 1 click instead of scrambling around. I also love the fact that I can coordinate several calendars in one interface

Sajjad Kamal, CTO of AlemHealth

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